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Cosmic Lizard is a team of hugely experienced professionals that specialize in the delivery of innovative web solutions.  We believe in making use of cutting edge technological mediums in creating designs that meet our clients vision and objectives. Everyone at Cosmic Lizard; from the Directors to designers, developers and editors are all driven by a single purpose: to influence our audience and put smile on their faces with engaging and lasting experiences.

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Our Services

Information Architecture

Our job is to painstakingly produce a detailed sitemap of the whole site with the objective of creating a maximum end-user experience. After doing that, we create wireframes to showcase the key screens and layout of the project. These are visual guides that help our clients "see" into how we interpret their concept before it is developed.


We believe that good designs are a combination of sound ideas, content and creative strategy. The process does not have to be complicated. To produce unique concepts, we always engage thoughtful and thorough visual principles for clear and simple communications. It is our unyielding adherence to this culture that ensures constant production of awesome designs.


Our expert developers are always on top of the latest tools, fads and technologies in order to give you and your users the best web experience. If the technology is out there, you can be assured that we already know about it and we are doing our best to maximize its implementation for your projects.

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Digital Experience

  • Design and Build
    Our designs are geared towards realizing your digital goals and visions. They are built in robust, fine-tuned and bespoke codes. Developed in such a way that they are scalable and extendable, growing with you and your needs.

  • User Experience
    We are not satisfied with "Simply Usable". We want users to have a rich digital experience while surfing through your pages.

  • Management Services
    We handle and provide services for every aspect of your web needs. Services like domain management, security, email services, hosting, virtualization, cloud computing, etc. The idea is to be a one-stop shop for all your web needs.

  • CMS
    With our intuitive CMS programs, we transfer the power of content management back to our client. You do not need to learn complex web languages before you use our Content Management System (CMS). They are intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Intranet/Extranet
    We can help you set-up a more collaborative and efficient work environment with Internally and Externally Connected Networks. This streamlines all your communications, drives innovation and helps you to always stay connected.

  • Creative
    All our designs are well thought-out, intuitive and original. With open minds we interpret your story with inspired concepts and ideas.

  • Mobile
    The world is going mobile. And to help you stay on top of the world, we deploy mobile applications that immensely engage your customers and also transform the way you work.

  • Technology
    We have a top notch Research and Development department (R&D) with the sole objective of helping you stay one step ahead of the game. You never have to be caught unawares concerning new technologies. If it is out there, we will help you maximize it.

  • Ecommerce
    At Cosmic Lizard, we develop cutting-edge web financial solutions that protect your users and make their interaction with your platforms a real pleasure.

Some of our clients:

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and we are...

here, Indiana/USA and here!, Lima/Perú
  • Ifrus Stoops

    (Lima - Perú)
    project manager
    Ifrus has a diverse background that includes project management, digital strategy, design and web development. He is highly experienced in tracking budgets, scheduling and monitoring internal resources to ensure efficiency and timely completion within the project's  scope.
  • Kike Riesco

    (Lima - Perú)
    art director
    Kike is the main brain behind all our creative design activities. He vets intellectual properties, prototypes and overseas concepts from ideation to completion.

In 2014, Ifrus Stoops, Kike Riesco and Fadli Stoops teamed up to establish Cosmic Lizard LLC with a clear vision: to create a fun, relaxed environment that allows for creativity, passion and inspiration for both our talents and clients. Their paramount belief is that an impressive design creates the first impression that is necessary to give web visitors confidence in their clients business.

  • Fadli Stoops

    (Indiana - USA)
    project manager
    Fadli is the hub that ensures the ticking of the wheel. He connects the team with the project and ensures a constant flow of communication between the two from start to finish. From building timelines to providing costs, he makes sure that projects are completed on time and within the planned budget.


We are in the business of helping businesses, organizations and individuals alike bring their projects to life. If you need our help, we are just one click away. Get in touch. Now!


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